Board of Directors Meeting Agendas

Board of Directors Agenda

Our board of directors meet several times per year in person and more often via email and telephone.  Our talented board includes many local professionals and business owners who donate their time and expertise to help in our mission.  Remember, no one at A Warmer Day receives any compensation.

Our current board includes Dave Conde (Founder & President), Valerie Conde (Co-Founder and Secretary), Heather Graewe (Vice President), Melissa Haecker (Treasurer), Sean Mulvaney, Jill Fiddler, Jenni Gross, Jennifer Rasmussen, Dr. Reuben Rieke and Pastor Heather Brown.  For more information on our team, please click here.

Below you will find links to our board meeting agendas.  This will give you an idea of what is discussed at our meetings and how we conduct our operations.  Should you have questions or want more information please email or call (402) 480-7463.

AWD BOD Meeting – September 2016

AWD BOD Meeting – February 2017

AWD BOD Meeting – September 2017

AWD BOD Meeting – March 2018

AWD BOD Meeting – June 2018